About Us

Our Mission

At Whizzkids, we believe that children have to grow as a whole – academic education is not enough, emotional and physical education also contribute to the child’s complete development. We are a Montessori school striving to achieve excellence in every field of development. We nurture strong, independent and capable children who have gone on to excel in other educational institutions. We aim to develop our students into persons of character and integrity, who would become respected and contributing members of society. Montessori classes place children in multi-age groups forming communities in which the older children spontaneously share their knowledge with the younger ones. Our curriculum is based on the developmental stage of the child from infancy through 1st grade. This carefully developed method of education uses unique hands-on materials that encourage a concrete understanding of abstract principles. In multi-age classrooms, Montessori teachers guide the natural curiosity of children to foster academic success and a lifelong love for learning. The school is a community that develops in its children self-esteem, self-discipline, independence, and respect for and cooperation with fellow individuals.

Our School

Whizzkids is offering quality care and education since 1998. We provide programs for infants, toddlers, nursery and kindergarten age group. Our child-to-teacher ratio is excellent and averages six to one. Classes use the Montessori learning materials, which are designed to teach concepts in a progressive manner that help the child make the leap from concrete to abstract.