Admission Process

Admission Deadlines For 2020-2021 Session

The following are the deadlines for submission of admission application forms for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Class Dates
Prep  Tuesday, 3rd December 2019  – Monday,  23rd December 2019
Grade 1 to Grade 5 Wednesday , 22nd January 2020 – Monday  10th February 2020

Admission Process

Read the sections below to learn the application process and the documents required for an application to Whizzkids School.
We have a May 1st birthday cut-off requirement for all grades of the School. See table below for birthday cut-off dates.

Applying to Grade Minimum Age 2020 Born Before
Pre Nursery 1.6 May 2019
Nursery 2.4 May 2018
Pre-Kindergarten 3.4 May 2017
Kindergarten 4.4 May 2016
Grade I 5.4 May 2015
Grade II 6.4 May 2014
Grade III 7.4 May 2013
Grade IV 8.4 May 2012
Grade V 9.4 May 2011

Application Forms

Application forms at Whizzkids can be filled online as well as can be completed through walk-in. To complete an online application, please click on the link below and create an account for each individual applicant.

Admission Application Form

At the time of completing an online form, you will be required to submit the following supporting document:

  • Digital Copy of the Birth Certificate of the child
  • Recent passport size photograph of the child
  • Recent passport size Parents’ photograph
  • Copy of both Parents’ National Identification Card
  • Copy of the latest report card

Step-By-Step Process

  • Complete online admission application form
  • Visit the campus with all the supporting documents.
  • Admission applicants are shortlisted on the basis of the application forms, supporting documents and seat availability.
  • Selected applicants are called to deposit the non-refundable registration fee and sign the admission application form.
  • Parents are given a time for an interview of both parents and the child and assessment of the child.
  • Decision letters are sent to all interviewed applicants.
  • Parents are given one week to confirm their admission to the school by depositing the non-refundable admission fee and signing the terms & conditions of the school.

Testing Dates For Whizzkids

Entry in Prep- Kindergarten: Interview and testing will take place between February & April.
Entry in Grades I to V: Interview and testing will take place between March & April.