Ways to Keep Kids Learning Over the Summer

Summer Learning Activity Ideas

Check out these clever family activities and tactics for keeping kids learning over the summer:

  • Become a “tourist” in your town or in nearby cities. There are many learning opportunities if you go to places and do things you wouldn’t normally do every day.
  • Visit a nursing home or veteran’s home and spend an hour listening to stories from the older generation.
  • If reading is one of the subjects you’d like to continue to encourage, many local libraries host summer reading programs for school-age kids during the summer months.
  • Adding a little more responsibility to their day is a great way to keep kids’ brains engaged. Ask them to write out your shopping lists, count out the money at the store, or count and sort your bedside coin collection.
  • Nature hikes can provide a ton of science exploration. But make full preparations to protect yourselves from this summer heat.
  • On a sunny summer day, take the kids out to the driveway with some colourful sidewalk chalk. You can let them draw pictures, play games (tic-tac-toe, etc.), write their names or the names of what they see around them, and so much more. It’s the perfect combination of being outdoors while developing creativity and other valuable skills.
  • Form a parent-child book group – it keeps children interested in reading, part of a team with goals and it can inspire additional learning.


Happy Summer!

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